Digital Collection - Days of Our Lives Storylines External Hard Drive

Digital Collection - Days of Our Lives Storylines External Hard Drive

Like sands through the hour glass... these are the Days of Our Lives.


New Collection of JUST the Storyline Edits and Interviews! See below for list.


This is the ONLY drive out there that will have ALL of these storylines GUARANTEED! This is the premiere collection! What are storyline edits? They are episodes edited to include just scenes involving the storyline. For example, the Marlena's Possession Edit will have only scenes involving that storyline. All other scenes are edited out. This makes it feel more like a movie than a tv show. 


Now with Beyond Salem/Very Salem Christmas!


On Sale for a VERY limited time while supplies last! This won’t last long. Act fast!


This is the most complete collection of EDITS of Days of Our Lives available all in one place and for one low price!


Now on an 5 TB External Hard Drive with the following EDITS on it:

  • Aremid
  • Blackout 1994
  • Buried Alive
  • Christmas With DOOL
  • Coronation Massacre
  • Cruise of Deception
  • Hope Goes To Prison
  • Jungle Madness
  • Kate's Return
  • Kern River
  • Kristen's Pregnancy Lies
  • Kristen's Return
  • Last Blast 2000 & 2001
  • Lawrence's Villa/The Earthquake
  • Maison Blanche
  • Marlena's Possession
  • Monty Dolan Collection
  • Paris 1996
  • Primetime Collection
  • Princess Gina
  • Strip Days
  • Teens Edits
  • Terror In The Skies
  • The Baby Switch
  • The Killing Pool
  • The Salem Slasher
  • The Salem Strangler
  • The Secret Room
  • Titan Picnic/Billie Leaves Salem
  • Tropical Temptations
  • Daytime Emmy Awards (Misc. Years)
  • Dirty Soap (Reality Show)
  • DOOL Anniversary (25th,30th,35th,40th,49th,50th,53rd)
  • SOAPography (Misc. Episodes)
  • DOOL Soundtrack
  • Various Promos throughout the years
  • Will & Sonny 1.0 and 2.0 Collection
  • Bo & Carly - 90s Edit
  • Bo & Hope 1.0 - 1983-1990
  • Carrie & Lucas (Misc)
  • Chad & Abigail (Billy & Kate Vol. 1)
  • Chloe & Philip 1999-2011
  • Eric & Greta (Misc)
  • Eve & Nick (Misc)
  • Jack & Jennifer - The 2000's & The 2010's
  • John & Marlena - The 80's (John as Roman)
  • John & Marlena - The 90's 
  • Marlena & Don
  • Roman & Marlena - The 80's
  • Sami Brady - The 90's
  • Sami Brady - The 2000's
  • Sami & EJ - 2006-2014
  • Sami Brady - The Story Continues 2015-2020
  • Steve & Kayla - The Early Years (Misc)


    Plus you will get these rare specials:

    • Beyond Salem (NEW!)
    • A Very Salem Christmas (NEW!)
    • The Last Blast Reunion (DOOL App Exclusive)
    • Chad & Abigail In Paris (DOOL App Exclusive)


    Plus These Interviews & Misc:

    • Tons of interviews from the 90s and beyond
    • Misc appearances on Game Shows etc.
    • Bloopers throughout the years
    • Pure Soap interviews
    • Misc. Fan Event footage
    • Tons more!


    Purchase the most complete collection of DOOL!

    • No commercials on full years
    • Excellent organization in folders by year and episode date
    • Will work on all computers with a USB A port and most Smart TVs
    • Files are a mix of mpeg2, avi, mp4, and m4v
    • Mix of standard definition & HD videos = Great quality!
    • Mix of VHS to DVD transfer and digital sources


    If you're interested in purchasing only certain years on an external drive please contact us for more info.

      • We offer complimentary replacements for any damaged or defective discs.
      • However, we do are unable to offer refunds due to the nature of the products.
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