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Sami & EJ 1.0 - 2006-2009 Collection

Sami & EJ 1.0 - 2006-2009 Collection

Days of Our Lives - "Sami & EJ Collection 1.0" Storyline


Picking up right where the 00's Sami Collection ended...Days of Our Lives series edited to include just the scenes involving storylines with Sami & EJ from May of 2006 through 2009. That is right! It is ALL here! ALL storylines involving Sami & EJ are included. You will see a lot of Nicole/Rafe/Lucas as well as they are involved with most of Sami & EJ's storylines. 79 DVDs total! The best collection around.


Notable storylines included: Starts with EJ's very first appearance when he moves into Sami's apartment building. Follows their storyline with the Lucas love triangle. The Colleen Brady & Santo Dimera storyline included as well! Plus who shot EJ?! Concludes with teh arrival of Rafe and the EJ & Nicole baby switch drama! It is ALL here!


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